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ZOJE ZJ893A-3-16S2 SET
3-thread overlock machine for hemstitch on light and medium materials, mechatronic, and needle positioning - machine head

Marke: Zoje

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1-needle / 3-threads overlock machine for very narrow 1.5 mm and dense overedging (hemstitch). Perfect for decorative overedging edges and hemlines of knitted and woven fabrics (e.g. curtains, net curtains, wedding dresses, scarfs, etc.)
For light and medium fabrics. Ideal for sewing atelier and alteration shop. Perfect for industry, fast and user friendly.
Equipped with energy-saving AC Servo motor built-in into machine head (mechatronic) and automatic needle positioning (top - bottom). AC Servo motor saves up to 70% energy comparing to a conventional electronic motor or clutch motor. Ensures quiet work without adverse vibration.

Seam width 1,5 mm, max. sewing speed 6.000 s.p.m., differential bottom feed, central lubrication.

Complete sewing machine with Kessler stand and table top.

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system B-27 with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.


Satz: komplett
Anzahl von Fäden: 3
Overlockmaschine für: spezielle Anwendungen
Obertransport: nein
Overlockmaschine für Stoffe: leichte und mittlere Stoffe
Umstechbreite: 1.5 mm
Stichbreite gesamt: 1.5 mm
LED-Beleuchtung des Arbeitsfeldes: Ja
Fußlüftung: 6 mm
Max. Nähgeschwindigkeit: 6000 Stiche/Min.
Integrierter Motor: Ja
Nadelsystem: B-27
Garantie: 12 Monate
Satz: Komplett