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Multifunctional mechanical sewing machine, 13 stitches

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Marke: Texi


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The best sewing machine for beginners.

Multi-purpose sewing machine from the ENJOY YOUR COLOR series is a perfect solution for everyone who wants to start the adventure in sewing. Easy handling and intuitive threading make Texi Joy 13 easy to use by children . Metal components guarantee a durability .

Additional equipment included in the KID SET set provides even greater safety and comfort of use. Needle Cover effectively protects your fingers from accidental contact with the needle and presser foot when sewing. Other components of the set will reduce fabric losses thanks to the use of the disappearing pen and washable pencils (the pencil is safely removed under running water, the pen's marks disappear automatically after 24 hours). Magnetic ruler is a great help for a young user in keeping the stitch even. The set also includes a tape measure

Main functions:
- 13 built-in stitches (including straight, zig-zag and decorative stitches)
- 4-step buttonhole
- regulation of stitch length (max 5 mm) and width (max 5 mm)
- backward sewing
- maximum sewing speed 650 s.p.m
- snap-on feet - SYSTEM MATIC
- free arm for circular sewing
- LED lamp
- thread cutter
- shuttle hook

Equipped with:

- standard foot
- buttonhole foot
- 2 bobbins
- needle set
- seam ripper
- spool pin cap
- foot controller
- oiler
- soft cover

- tape measure with a centimeter scale Texi 4007
- long and very strong magnetic ruler Texi 4010
- disappearing pen violet-pink Texi 4014
- pencil for fabrics, washable, white MP-180-W
- needle guard-finger protection for standard feet FGOP

3 years warranty


Art der Steuerung: mechanisch
Art des Greifers: Pendelgreifer
Automatischer Fadenabschneider: Nein
Stichbreite: 5 mm
Anzahl der Stichprogramme: 13
Nadelsystem: 130/705

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