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Primula electronic dry iron with controller, 1250 W

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Marke: Primula


Shipment 24h


Electronic controlled, dry iron with specially design heating plate, ergonomic, solid handle and anti-burn guard.

- heating plate with dimension 190 x 113 mm
- the heater power 1.250W [230V, 50Hz]
- standard equipped with cable - 2,5 m
- the weight 1,5kg

Iron supplied with an electronic controller that enables precise temperature adjustment, unreachable for ordinary irons. Range of temperature control is +/- 2°C. The accuracy of the temperature settings will be particularly useful in ironing of delicate fabrics, synthetic fabrics and other special fabrics.

Electronic controller equipped with additional power button and potentiometer that sets the iron temperature.


Typ des Bügeleisens / der Bürste: elektrisches Bügeleisen, trocken
Leistung des Bügeleisens / der Bürste: 1250 W