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Computerized sewing and quilting machine

Marke: Janome

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The Janome MC9450QCP computer sewing machine is a fast, powerful and one of the most modern sewing machines, successor to the MC9400QCP.

Working on Janome MC9450QCP is very comfortable. The machine has a very large and legible display. A huge working space of up to 28 cm from the needle to the arm is illuminated with 10 modern LED diodes. The machine has 793 stitch programs available, and thanks to the stitch program Janome Stitch Composer, which is attached to the machine, the number of stitch programs practically becomes unlimited. For programs stored in the machine's memory - utility stitches, decorative stitches as well as letters of the alphabet and numbers, you can add programs created yourself using the program.
Janome MC9450QCP is a very strong, durable and stable machine, made with high attention to detail. It is richly equipped with automatic functions that facilitate and accelerate work, as well as accessories.

Basic functions:
- 763 available stitch programs, including straight stitches, covered, stretch, zigzag, satin, overlock, decorative, ladder, bridge, tree, triple reinforced, holes and alphabet
- 14 types of automatic buttonhole sewing
- Embroidery of letters - 3 European fonts containing Polish characters available
- Maximum Sewing Speed: 1,060 SPM
- Smooth stitch width adjustment - up to 9 mm
- Smooth adjustment of stitch length - up to 5 mm
- Presser foot pressure adjustment - 9 positions
- Possibility of sewing with a double needle
- The ability to sew back
- Built-in three blades for thread cutting on the casing, at the bobbin and in the needle plate
- Built-in automatic needle threader
- Adjusting the tension of the upper thread - automatic
- Built-in spooler
- Rotary catcher
- Work area lighting - LED 10-point, convenient slide-out lamp and the ability to turn off individual LEDs
- Very long free arm, facilitating sewing on round trousers and sleeves
- 7-point SFS + transport mechanism with built-in top transport AcuFeed Flex ™
- Adjusting the feeding of the upper material layer (top transport function)
- Disable transport
- Large, color LCD display informing about the selected stitch, its parameters and suggesting the selection of the appropriate foot and allowing, among others, conveniently program the sewing sequence, modify stitches with a mirror reflection or choose programs for sewing with a double needle
- Slow Motion function - the possibility of free start and end of the stitch
- The sewing speed can be adjusted using the slider
- Automatic stitch locking
- Automatic lowering of the presser foot at take-off and lifting after sewing stops
- Automatic needle positioning
- Automatic thread trimming with programing trimming after stitch finishing
- Program the sequence of stitches to be programmed, eg when stitching letters
- Ability to independently design stitch programs using the included software - Janome Stitich Composer
- Built-in USB port for uploading self-created stitch programs
- More space between the needle and the machine's arm, compared to standard machines - up to 28cm
- Side cover opens for easy cleaning and maintenance
- ERP function (possibility of setting the auto-off time)
- Snap fastening of feet - Matic system

5 year warranty


Art der Steuerung: elektronisch (computergesteuert)
Art des Greifers: Rotationsgreifer
Automatischer Fadenabschneider: Ja
Stichbreite: 9 mm
Anzahl der Stichprogramme: 793
Nadelsystem: 130/705
Anschluss: 220 - 240 V V