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Multifunctional computer controlled sewing machine with built-in 30 stitch programs

Marke: Janome

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Juno by Janome E1030 is a modern computer sewing machine with rotary hook and 30 stitch programs: straight stitches, zig-zaki, covered, overlock, decorative, satin, special elastic stitch, stitches for sewing applications, as well as a program for automatic buttonhole sewing. Programs and stitch parameters can be set using the function keys that are located on the front panel of the machine.

Juno by Janome E1030 is a fast and durable sewing machine that is extremely user-friendly. It can handle the most common tasks perfectly. It is universal and is great for home sewing. It is a good choice for both beginners and more advanced hobbyists.

Basic functions:
- 30 available stitch programs, including straight, zigzag, overlock, satin, decorative stitches, for application
- Automatic buttonhole sewing - 1 type
- Maximum speed: 820 SPM
- Smooth stitch width adjustment - up to 5 mm
- Smooth adjustment of stitch length - up to 4 mm
- Possibility of sewing with a double needle
- The ability to sew back
- Built-in knife cutter on the machine casing
- Built-in needle threader
- Adjusting the tension of the upper thread
- Built-in spooler
- Rotary catcher
- Work area lighting: LED 1-point
- Free arm for easy sewing on round trousers and sleeves
- 4-point transport
- Disable transport
- Clear LCD display, informing about the selected stitch and its parameters
- START / STOP button - possibility of sewing without a foot controller
- Slow Motion function allowing precise start and stop sewing
- The sewing speed can be adjusted using the slider
- Automatic stitch locking
- Automatic needle positioning
- Snap fastening of feet - Matic system

- Foot for sewing applications and decorative stitches (rotary hook)
- Foot for automatic buttonhole sewing (rotary hook)
- Zipper foot (rotary hook)
- Universal foot (rotary hook)
- Needle set
- 4 pieces of bobbins (1 item in the machine)
- Spool pin
- Additional vertical spindle on the spool
- 2 pieces of spool lock (small and large)
- Screwdriver
- Cleaning brush
- Ripper
- Soft case
- Foot starter
- Power cord
- Instructions

3 year warranty


Art der Steuerung: elektronisch (computergesteuert)
Art des Greifers: Rotationsgreifer
Automatischer Fadenabschneider: Nein
Stichbreite: 5 mm
Nadelsystem: 130/705
Anschluss: 220 - 240 V V